Windshield Rock chip Repair & Windshield Replacement in Everett &  Sno-king County

The quality of your new or repaired windshield can determine your safety and that of other occupants in your vehicle. We take this seriously at Chip Happens, that’s why we use only the best brands of after-market windshield and top-quality adhesives.

Our auto glass experts can repair chipped windshields before they become larger and more expensive to fix. There is quite a bit of specialty work that goes into making a windshield look new. It’s not all about looks though, maintaining a windshield’s structural integrity is even more important. Our technicians are outfitted with the right tools to get the job done properly and in minimal time.
Chip Happens provides windshield rock chip repairs and replacement throughout the Everett and Bothell areas. We provide services for all types of windshield issues – broken, chipped, cracked and more. Our certified technicians will evaluate whether you need windshield replacement or just repair.

Check Whether You Need Windshield Glass Repair

Auto glass can be damaged for many reasons and will cause safety risk by obstructing drivers’ view. So always remember to check your windshield after certain occasions:
After a Car accident
Even in a minor accident, windshield cracks can form and can spread out quite quickly. What’s worse is, with body frame damage, glass can be damaged.
After A Windshield Installation
If you’ve had a windshield poorly installed, the glass could vibrate and move without you paying attention. Even a tiny vibration can cause your windshield to crack and become completely damaged over time. Always be sure to thoroughly check your windshield after installation so that you can save yourself some time and money.

After Extreme Weather

Rocks, stones, and debris always come with strong wind or storm, and can damage a front windshield instantly. On this occasion, an immediate car windshield repair is needed.
Entire Windshield Replacement
Sometimes, windshield repair won’t be enough, so a complete windshield replacement is necessary. At Chip Happens, we make sure that every piece of window glass is installed properly, with satisfaction guaranteed!
When your vision is obstructed by the small crack which is starting to grow on your windshield, it is time for you to get an auto glass repair and replacement service. At Chip Happens, we have many years of service under our belts, keeping cars and their occupant’s safe with our quality workmanship and materials for windshield chip repair. For more information, contact us to schedule an appointment!


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